Australian Commemorative Postmarks 1879-1980

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3rd edition.

Compiled and edited by Peter Bond.

Collectors will find it was never easier to research these special postmarks. Ignoring ‘permanent’ pictorial and FDI cancels, Australian Commemorative Postmarks 1879 – 1980 is a comprehensive guide to these fascinating items.


Every postmark is illustrated, with many of the ‘difficult’ early examples meticulously digitally recreated. This third edition has been updated and improved with the addition of a 1981 to 2018 addendum.


The Running Diaries Volume 2

by Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton

Graham was born in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1961. At an early age, he decided he was almost entirely useless at sports and avoided athletic activities as much as possible while at school, and abandoned them entirely upon his departure.

Decades later he almost inexplicably returned to the very sport he had floundered at most in school, athletics.

Documenting his first 10 years of running resulted in The Running Diaries Volume 1. The next five years are presented here in Volume 2.



The Postage Stamps of Aden 1937-1968

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1st edition.

Compiled and edited by Peter Bond.

Finally, a handbook dedicated to the stamps of Aden before it was absorbed into Yemen. This publication is suited to collectors of:

  • Colony of Aden

  • State of Aden

  • Kathiri State of Seiyun

  • Kathiri State in Hadhramaut

  • Mahra State of Qishn and Socotra

  • Qu’aiti State of Shihr and Mukalla

  • Qu’aiti State in Hadhramaut

  • State of Upper Yafa

  • Federation of South Arabia


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