010 Stamps of Aden cover.jpg
The Postage Stamps of Aden
compiled and edited by Peter Bond


ISBN 978-0-9873470-9-1 


It has been several years since a handbook dedicated to the stamps of Aden was in print. This new edition covers, in detail, the issues of the Colony (later State) of Aden, as well as the states which issued their own stamps, and the Federation of South Arabia. 

Included are the 1967 and 1968 releases which are usually relegated to an appendix, or totally ignored, by mainstream catalogue editors. All sets are illustrated and assigned a realistic market value, where this is possible.


Sample pages (PDF):

Aden  |  Kathiri State  |  Mahra State  |  Qu'aiti State  |  State of Upper Yafa  |  Federation of South Arabia