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007 Running Diaries Volume 2 cover.jpg
The Running Diaries Volume 2
2014-2018 The Desperate Years
by Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton


ISBN 978-0-9873470-7-7 


Taking up the sport of long-distance running as a cure for a midlife crisis is one thing, but to persist with it for a further 15 years is quite another. That the author chose to indulge a modest interest in such pursuits, and then continue with it was as much a surprise to himself as anyone else.

To diarise the high, low and ‘meh’ moments encountered along the way for a decade and a half is a worthy effort, but then that’s perhaps because – according to Graham – he discovered the real meaning of life in the process.

Read an extract: 16 April 2014 (pdf)


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