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4th edition? Good grief!

Nearly a decade after its first appearance, Australian Commemorative Postmarks is in its 4th edition. I hasten to add that the 2nd edition was almost immediately unpublished (is that a real word?) when I withdrew from the CreateSpace enterprise.

This edition has been expanded to include a summary of postmarks from 1981 through to the middle of 2023. It's also in colour - or color, as you prefer - as print-on-demand printing is now affordable and provides a satisfactory quality.

Having said that, I've been forced to raise the recommended retail price to cover IngramSpark's higher charges. The cost of living and all that!

What's next? Well, I 'should' get on with the novel I've been threatening the world with for years. Actually, I have moved a little in that the second half is fully structured. It's just a matter of filling out that structure with 40 or 50,000 words to finish it. Finish the first draft anyway. Then the really hard work starts. Stay tuned.

I'll try to discipline myself to provide bloggy updates more often than has been the case thus far.

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