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Two more titles in print

Publishing can be a frustrating exercise, but more than made up for seeing a new title in print and available to (almost) the whole world for purchase. A tribute to my late mother, Irene Emily Louise Mutton (nee Morris) hit retailers' lists in October. With invaluable input from my brother, Graham Himmelhoch-Mutton, the book - my first in hardback and colour - was aimed purely at friends and family. Many were provided with complimentary copies. There has been a smattering of sales, to whom we know not, which is encouraging.

December 2020 saw a new departure for me. Katherine Richardson's delightful Diary of a Red Handfish is an illustrated children's book for 7 to 10-year-olds. Katherine has done a sterling job in creating her book, and then in promoting and selling it privately, and at a recent launch at The Hobart Book Shop. I wish her well for the future and hope to see more titles to her name.

With Christmas and the new year approaching, my publishing efforts will relax a little for a few weeks. My next title will be a 'Centenary Edition' of The Spice of Life. This is an expanded version of my father's autobiography which is otherwise out of print. Again, it's a collaborative effort with Graham and his assistance has been very welcome indeed. Planned for publication this year, it now seems more likely to be a 2021 release which is appropriate as Dad was born in 1921.

My English Royalty on Postage Stamps, which I started some months ago, has been pushed back, but will certainly be published in 2021.

Probably this will be my final blog entry for this year, so I'll wish you all a happy Christmas, and a terrific new year. It should be better than 2020 in at least one respect, which I won't dwell on here.

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