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What's next? Oh, that.

During the world’s COVID-19 pandemic, many writers are happily (and perhaps selfishly) taking advantage of free time to increase their writing output. I’m no different, though my creativity is currently targeting a non-fiction work. My next book will be British Royalty on Postage Stamps. This combines my love of stamp collecting with a fascination for publishing.

I started early in February with my usual enthusiasm but fell into a gap-month 12 days later. When the free time and diminished opportunities for distraction occurred, it all started in earnest. I happen to collect the subject matter anyway, so a lot of the content is already sitting in my stamp albums. It’s the curse of many collectors however always to have blank spaces where there should be stamps. Fortunately, online resources abound and locating additional subject matter is a simple enough exercise.

I’m considering having British Royalty on Postage Stamps printed in colour. While printing costs have come down in recent times, the cover price may still be prohibitive for most collectors. I’ll deal with that later. Previous experience with my philatelic titles leads me to NOT set a target publication date. It will be 2020 though, that’s a promise. Better get on with it.

By the way, stay home. And write.

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