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Brave new world

My world of publishing, despite having started in 2012, was never fully realised as a business concern. I drafted a business plan ages ago, but as the first draft of anything is crap, I set it aside. It's still aside. Anyway, sometimes evolution works better than strategy. That's what I'm going with now, seven years later. The trick is to just keep at it. Luckily I'm now retired from my 'career' in the public service, so have more hours to devote to the written word.

Now with 10 titles published, I'm about to buy another batch of ISBNs. I hope they won't take quite so long to allocate. Book number 10 is The Postage Stamps of Aden 1937-1968 which is at proof stage and I hope to have it officially published on 7 January 2020.

With that more or less done, I've spent some time ATK - at the keyboard (yes, I know, sorry!) - building this website and creating a new Facebook page. I did have a Scribbled Lines Publishing page but was unable to simply change the name. FB seemed to think it would confuse my customers. Well really, how very dare they.

What's next then? I've been promising/threatening to finish my novel Dragonfly Illusion which I initially aimed to have published by the end of 2017. If I hurry, I'll miss that deadline.

Two of my now out-of-print titles need revising and republishing, viz The Spice of Life and Running Diaries Volume 1. In theory, they shouldn't take too long. In theory. Hate theories.

A new project in the planning stage is Old Postcards of Hobart which I may complicate by digitally colourising those wonderful old images.

Rambling concludes.

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